Governments aim for zero carbon emissions from aviation by 2050

Today, world governments convened at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly committed to a 2050 net-zero CO₂ target, enabled by new technologies.

The Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) declared that the air industry sector committed that “global civil aviation operations will achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, supported by accelerated efficiency measures, energy transition and innovation across the aviation sector and in partnership with Governments around the world.”

Its Executive Director, Haldane Dodd, commented, “This is a milestone day for the aviation sector with governments backing up the industry goal on net-zero carbon by 2050. Air transport has always been able to work together to solve complex challenges and climate change is no different. We congratulate the world’s governments on reaching this important decision at ICAO.

“The spirit of global cooperation has been on show at ICAO over the past year with governments making the most of the benefits of multilateralism. But setting a goal is one thing. Making it a reality is where the hard work really begins and we need to continue – and accelerate – the efficiency improvements and energy transition that is already underway across the industry.

“Many States will need help implementing a net-zero pathway in their own country. Financing the transition will be a priority for governments, industry and the investment sector. And the energy industry will need to get serious about the build-up of sustainable aviation fuels. Net-zero aviation is a significant challenge, but it is fully achievable if we work together across industry, government, the energy sector and finance communities. Today’s adoption of the long-term goal by ICAO sets a common policy framework at a UN level. We now need individual governments to start working on their own policy environments to complement it.”

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Governments adopt 2050 Net Zero Carbon Goal For Air Transport, Air Transport Action Group, 2022-10-07

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