Tech for forests

Newly-launched start-up Arbonics supports forest creation in Estonia. The technology platform allows landowners to create forest that will allow them to earn money through carbon credits, on the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

The innovative approach pools different land spaces into a single forest with respect to accreditation. Arbonics handle the relevant administration. The usual certification processes can take as long as much as 18 months and cost €50 000.

Lisett Luik, co-founder of Arbonics, said: “Landowners can be a powerful ally in combating climate change – by storing millions of tons of carbon dioxide in forests and protecting biodiversity. To make this happen, they need someone in their corner to provide critical data and analysis. With the help of our flexible data models and deep understanding of voluntary carbon markets, Arbonics can help landowners realize their land’s positive climate impact.” 

The other co-founder, Kristjan Lepik, remarked: “Timber can still be used as a revenue source, but we are adding two new revenue streams in carbon and biodiversity. Our aim is to create a new forest economy and change how forests are valued. We’re excited to work with our investors to grow and develop Arbonics to help combat climate change.”

Since foundation in January, the Tallinn-based enterprise has raised €1.8 million in its pre-seed round, with investment led by Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder of fintech platform, Wise, formerly known as TransferWise.

Learn more at Arbonic’s website.


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Arbonics website
Arbonics: The Estonian startup building a new forest economy in the fight against climate change, EU-Startups, 2022-09-16

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