Danish industry’s departure from natural gas

Almost one in three members of the Confederation of Danish Industries have replaced gas with other energy sources, such as electricity and oil, according to a survey.

71 of the 242 surveyed companies that previously used gas say that they have established an alternative energy supply. Of these, 32 percent have switched to electricity. 26 percent have switched to oil.

The reason is that the pressure of the high price of gas, says political director of Dansk Industri, Emil Fannikke Kiær.

“We see companies that have to close their production because it is not profitable. That is why there is an interest in getting away from expensive energy sources”, he says.

“In the short term, it is of course not good that some companies switch to dirtier fuels”

Switching from gas to another form of energy will lower gas prices, says Aalborg University’s Professor of Energy Planning, Henrik Lund.

“It will lower the demand for gas, and when gas prices fall, electricity prices also fall.”

However; “CO2 emissions will increase, because more CO2 comes from oil than from gas”.

Ideally, we’d move to green electricity; “That requires that we get wind turbines built, but we probably can’t do that as quickly as companies are switching to electricity right now”.

19 percent of the companies that replaced gas switched to district heating.

“It’s the same as switching to electricity, just in a more energy-efficient way”, Lund says.


Virksomheder udskifter naturgas med el og olie [Companies replace natural gas with electricity and oil], Politiken, 2022-10-13 / ritzau

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