Danish Hydrogen Breakthough

The Danish companies Evida, GreenLab, and Vestjyllands Andel are partnering on the “HySymbiosisNet” project to create a pipeline infrastructure for green hydrogen produced by Power-to-X technology. GreenLab will be the site of Denmark’s first large-scale Power-to-X plant with a capacity of 100 MW. The 0.5 km test pipeline will connect the GreenHyScale project’s hydrogen production … Continue reading Danish Hydrogen Breakthough

German Green Party pushes to restore natural spaces

The German parliament’s Green Party called for legislation that would restore forests, rivers, and moors to their natural state. The party’s environmental policy spokesperson, Jan-Niclas Gesenhues, said that a Renaturation Act was necessary to meet climate and biodiversity goals. The legislation would define obligations and goals for restoring damaged ecosystems and include effective tools for … Continue reading German Green Party pushes to restore natural spaces