Denmark’s whistleblower scheme to maintain organic standards

The Danish Agency for Agriculture will make it easier to report violations of the rules on plant health, the sale of organic goods, genetically modified products and ecology, e.g. if pesticides are sprayed on an organic field.

Alarming number of Danish farmers caught using illegal pesticides - The Post

Manager of the Danish Agency for Agriculture’s Plants and Biosafety unit, Kristine Riskær, says it may also be necessary to report the smuggling of seeds from other countries if they do not have the right certificates for plant health. She also comments that while the EU requires authorities to introduce a whistleblower scheme, it makes a lot of sense.

“You can, for example, cheat with organic goods. Or you can work with plant breeding in a company, but where you make something that is not legal because it is genetically modified, and therefore special permits are required”

Kristine Riskær, Danish Agency for Agriculture

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Ny ordning skal bekæmpe snyd med økologi og smugling af frø (New scheme to combat breaking laws on ecology and seed smuggling) {Danish}, Berlingske, 2021-06-28

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