Denmark initiates carbon capture plans

On Thursday, the Danish government published the first part of its strategy for capture, storage and recovery of CO2. Two further parts are set to be finalised next month.

The Tasks and Responsibilities of the Danish Parliament / The Danish  Parliament
Danish Parliament

Based on the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), the ministry estimates the Danish subsoil could store between 12 and 22 billion tonnes of CO2; that is between 400 and 700 times Denmark’s annual CO2 emissions.

The Danish Minister of Climate said that such innovations are necessary to reduce carbon emissions by 70% (Denmark’s own 2030 target) and suggested the economic opportunity to import captured CO2.

“…We are now changing role as a country. For many years, Denmark has raised oil and gas underground and thus contributed to damaging the climate. Last year, we set an end date for the oil adventure and stopped all future tender rounds. The next step is now that we start putting some of the CO2 back into the subsoil”

Minister of Climate, Dan Jørgensen

The government proposes to set aside DKK 210 million to investigate these possibilities urgently.

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Regeringen vil fange, lagre og importere tonsvis af CO2 (The Government will capture, store and import tons of CO2) {Danish}, Politiken, 2021-06-23

Regeringen indkalder til forhandlinger om CO2 fangst og lagring (The government convenes negotiations on CO2 capture and storage) {Danish}, Klima-, Energi- og Forsyningsministeriet, 2021-06-24

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