Boost for electric cars in Denmark

Denmark will invest over DKK 100M (€13.5M, $61M, £11.5M) in co-financing electric car charging stations this year.

“It must be possible to leave the car on the go, but also to be able to do so when you stay at home – even if you live in a housing association, where you do not own your own driveway,” said Transport Minister, Benny Engelbrecht.

The funding comes from a 2018 government pledge, but parties have only now agreed how the DKK 475M (£55M) should be spent. DKK 85M (£10M) will subsidise transistion to clean energy for ferries – some in private as well as public ownership, to the goal of reducing climate emissions, Engelbrecht explained.

By 2022, three-quarters of the remaining amount will be spent on co-financing charging stations. The last DKK 50 million will cover part of an additional cost for the purchase of green trucks.

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Nu bliver det lettere at lade din elbil (Now it will be easier to charge your electric car), Politiken, 2021-06-23

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