Hydrogen is a biproduct of new way to purify water

Researchers at the University of Alberta have discovered a new catalyst that can produce hydrogen and purify water at the same time.

The catalyst was discovered by chance when a researcher was creating an electrode for a project on waste biomass upcycling. When mixed with water and given a small amount of power, the catalyst produces hydrogen, which can be fed into a fuel cell to generate electricity, and distilled water, which is safe to drink. The new catalyst is made from non-toxic and abundant materials, making it an affordable and accessible alternative to current catalysts. It can be used with any type of water, making it more practical than current methods that require clean water. The process is also less energy-intensive and results in less oxygen, making it less volatile. The researchers are looking to develop off-grid devices for remote communities or disaster relief efforts. The catalyst is being commercialized through a new company called Dark Matter Materials, which has already received interest from several multinational companies.

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Researchers Discover Way to Simultaneously Produce Hydrogen and Purify Water, Renewable Energy Magazine, 2023-04-25

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