Denmark on track to 2023 goals with biogas more than enough to supply mains gas demand

Denmark is projected to be carbon neutral by 2030, according to the Danish Energy Agency’s Climate Status and Projection report for 2023, the energy sector (heating and electricity). Even without new political initiatives, Denmark’s total emissions are expected to be reduced by 49.8% by 2025 and 63.1% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

Upgraded biogas will make up a rapidly increasing share of Danish mains gas in the coming years, and in 2030 the production of green gas will cover more than the Danish mains gas usage.

While upgraded biogas covered 22% of the consumption of pipeline gas in 2021, the share is expected to have grown to 50% in 2025 and 108% in 2030.

Similarly, the production of electricity from renewable energy plants will increase sharply towards 2030 and thereafter. Although the electricity consumption in this year’s climate projection is higher than last year’s projection – mainly due to increased production from Power-to-X – the green electricity production is expected to be 117% of Denmark’s electricity needs in 2030.

The energy sector’s emissions have fallen sharply in recent years, and by 2030, it’s expected to be under 1% of the country’s total emissions.


Danmark får overskud af biogas og grøn el fra 2030 (Denmark will have a surplus of biogas and green electricity from 2030), Bygtek, 2023-05-02

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