German climate minister predicts falling short of next two years’ carbon emission targets

Germany is likely to fail to hit its carbon emissions reduction targets in the coming two years, Economy and Climate Protection Minister, Robert Habeck, said yesterday.

The previous government set ambitious targets, such as reducing CO2 emissions to 177m tonnes in 2022; a 38% reduction of the 1990 level.

“We will probably miss our targets for 2022. And for 2023, it will also be difficult enough. We are starting with a severe backlog,” he said.

“2022 will be one of the most exhausting years this ministry has experienced in a long time,” said Robert Habeck

In its last session before the summer recess, the German parliament passed a bill that amends the federal Climate Action Law after a top court ruled it insufficient. The law states that if a target is missed, the difference must be spread out evenly over the remaining years.

The country’s first annual climate legislation, passed in 2019 and amended in 2021, sets out reduction targets in line with the EU for individual sectors up to 2030, with new targets set for 2040 and 2045. And the law stipulates targets can be raised, but cannot be lowered.

This requires 80% of power demand in the country to be met with renewable energy; building wind capacity on 2% its land and building 1,500 turbines annually. The number has been rising by only 450 per year.

Germany’s new coalition government of social democrats, Greens and the pro-market FDP, has presented plans to step up government action, including expediting wind farm permits.


Environment Minister: Germany will likely miss climate targets, EU Observer, 2021-12-30

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