British MPs Accuse Government of lacking Climate Crisis plan

Two new reports from British MPs have criticised the UK Government of not having a plan to meet climate targets, which were made law two years ago.

The influential Public Accounts Committee says ministers still don’t have a coordinated strategy to realise the goal of removing almost all the carbon emissions from Britain by 2050, whilst the Business Committee says that the vital COP26 UN climate conference scheduled to meet in Glasgow in November will fail unless its goals are made clear. The MPs say the Treasury has changed its guidance to ensure departments place greater emphasis on the environmental impacts of their policies but hasn’t explained how this will work in practice.

The MPs go further, saying that the government has not yet ensured that its activities to reduce emissions in Britain are not simply transferring those emissions overseas – where so many of the carbon-intensive goods bought in Britain’s shops are made. Meg Hillier (Labour), the Business Committee’s chairwoman, said: “The government has set itself a huge test in committing the UK to a net zero economy by 2050 – but there is little sign that it understands how to get there. We must see a clear path… COP26 is a few months away. The eyes of the world, its scientists and policymakers are on the UK – big promises full of fine words won’t stand up.”

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By Lukas Frisch Tonkinson.

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