Aston Martin commits to electric cars

108-year-old British car manufacturer, Aston Martin, has promised to build its electric models in the UK from 2025, rather than its partner Mercedes-Benz, not only supporting the transition way from polluting vehicles, but interestingly, to attract investment to secure the company’s future.

A battery sports car will be produced in the UK’s Midlands; the heart of the industrial revolution, and their SUV model in the very South of Wales.

Major shareholder, Lawrence Stroll, commented that early signs of demand were positive.

The company plans to continue making combustion engines into the 2030s.

The leading car brand follows announcements from others; Bentley Motors, owned by Germany’s Volkswagen, pledged in November to electrify its full range by 2030. Volvo and Ford recently made similar commitments, while General Motors targeted 2035 for zero tailpipe emissions.

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Aston Martin promises to make electric models in UK, FT, 2021-03-07
Aston Martin’s electric sports models to be made at Gaydon plant, BBC, 2021-03-07

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