Dutch firm to produce sustainable aviation fuel

Netherlands-based SkyNRG has announced it is leading a consortium that will build a 30,000-ton-per-year alcohol to jet (ATJ) facility in Europe. The project is being developed by the FLITE (fuel via low carbon integrated technology from ethanol) consortium, which kicked off in December 2020 and has been awarded a €20 million grant from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program. A specific location for the plant has not been released. Consortium partners, however, have indicated that the FLITE ATJ facility is scheduled to be fully operational in 2024. “With the increasing demand for sustainable aviation fuel in the future, there is a need to diversify technologies and feedstock,” said Maarten van Dijk, managing director of SkyNRG. “This first of its kind Alcohol-to Jet production in Europe will be an important step in the direction of making sustainable aviation fuel more accessible and scalable, supporting net zero emission ambitions for the aviation industry.


SkyRNG, LanzaTech to build alcohol-to-jet facility in Europe, Biodiesel Magazine, 2021-01-07

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