The Growth of Ethical Meat

Going vegan makes your diet sustainable, and technology is making a sustainable diet better all the time.

File:JUST inc logo black.png - Wikipedia

For the first time, a regulatory authority has approved lab-grown meat for human consumption. The Singapore Food Agency reviewed chicken bites produce by US company Eat Just, who commented that the approval could open the door to a future when all meat is produced without the killing of livestock.

Eat Just grow chicken cells that are the basis for the product in a 1,200-litre bioreactor before combining with plant-based ingredients. The initial cells come from live chickens; not requiring slaughter. Perhaps controversially, they are grown in serum extracted from fetal bovine blood.

The cultured chicken company joins a growing community including SuperMeat and — adding beef alternatives — BeyondMeat and Memphis Meats, with products on the horizon from VOW Food, SavorEats and MotifMeats. Meanwhile, Finless Foods and ShiokMeats plan to offer a sustainable alternative to fish.


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