The Never-ending Newness of Pablo Saborío

Stretching canvas to its limits was never enough for this Costa Rican, Copenhagen-based artist, who continues to create not only new forms but languages within painting.

In a transcendental arc of artworks, Pablo Saborío builds a path under his own feet, finding new tools for expression in one innovative medium after the next.

Eyes to the right – actually when you cast your eyes over it, they are all over the piece.
Above: The artist in his studio Below: Details from Oil on Canvas work, 2012

Saborío began painting following a dream in which he was asked to paint a skull. Upon waking up, he bought paints, and did so. (Painting below)

Substance and Reality, 2006

Acrylic as a canvas became Saborío’s new normal. The below selection charts his evolution:

‘Vulva’, 2015
‘La Cosa Que Contempla’ and ‘La Cosa Que Sueña’, 2019
‘A Heart Pouring Out The Sound Of Light’, 2019
‘Your Mystery Exists’, Chalk and Varnish

Discover more of Pablo Soborío’s works on his official website, here.

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