Danish Hydrogen Breakthough

The Danish companies Evida, GreenLab, and Vestjyllands Andel are partnering on the “HySymbiosisNet” project to create a pipeline infrastructure for green hydrogen produced by Power-to-X technology. GreenLab will be the site of Denmark’s first large-scale Power-to-X plant with a capacity of 100 MW. The 0.5 km test pipeline will connect the GreenHyScale project’s hydrogen production to Vestjylland Andel’s Søstjernefabrik. The pipeline will be part of GreenLab’s SymbiosisNet, an interconnected energy network connecting the park’s businesses and allowing for energy and resource exchange. The project is seen as an important step towards Denmark’s hydrogen infrastructure and will demonstrate the efficient use of hydrogen in an industrial clu


De første brintrør til Power-to-X er lagt i jorden [The first hydrogen pipelines for Power-to-X have been laid in the ground], GreenLab, 2023-04-27

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