Danish-Finnish collaboration to supply alternative to Russian energy

On Saturday 14 May, the Russian state-owned RAO Nordic cut off electricity exports to Finland, which caused already high electricity prices to rise further, and underscored the need for Finland to move towards independent and sustainable electricity production. 

Finland is currently a net importer of electricity and a large part of the country’s own production comes from biomass and nuclear power. Solar energy is not only among the cheapest forms of energy, but also the fastest to implement in scale.

The Danish renewable energy company Better Energy has begun working with Finnish solar cell developer Forus to install over 1GW of solar energy, equivalent to 3 million households, and will form part of its 7GW supply to Northern Europe.

A pastoral scene in South Finland

The collaborative initiative will take environmental sustainability into consideration, e.g. groundwater protection, increased biodiversity and regeneration of lowland soils. This involves local landowners, drawing on Better Energy’s approach to projects and Forus’ extensive local knowledge.

“Better Energy is the best possible partner for us. We share the same values ​​and ambitions to make a difference. Finland could produce more than 5 times its need for electricity with wind and solar. The Nordic region should take greater responsibility for energy production in Europe, otherwise the EU risks either its green goals or its autonomy, ”says CEO of Forus, Eero Oksanen.

“Locally produced, clean, sustainable energy is crucial not only for our climate and environment, but also for European security policy. We must move towards energy dependence and away from coal, oil and gas from authoritarian regimes. In any case, time here is our most precious resource, ”comments CEO of Better Energy, Rasmus Lildholdt Kjær.

Better Energy has been part of the development of more than 100 solar parks. In 2021, it built capacity of 450 MW of renewable energy and connected Northern Europe’s largest solar cell park to the transmission network.

Forus has been involved in the development and construction of 50 solar parks in Finland.


Better Energy og Forus indgår partnerskab og vil installere mere end 1000 MW solenergi i Finland (Better Energy and Forus enter into a partnership and will install more than 1000 MW of solar energy in Finland), 2022-05-25, Better Energy via ritzau

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