Energy firm chief’s call to ban or tax heat pumps

Lars Bonderup Bjørn

As part of the green transition strategy, Denmark is encouraging heating of buildings with electricity and heat pumps. But the head of a Danish energy company seems to be trying to throw a spanner in the works.

EWII CEO, Lars Bonderup Bjørn, says that heat pumps should be banned in areas where district heating is available, and even taxed, according to Lars Abel, Secretary of the Secretariat for the Heat Pump Industry.

Abel acknowledges that traders within the heat pump industry profit from their installations, but stresses the ecological urgency to expand the use of cheap green electricity wherever it can displace fossil fuels in heating, transport and industry.

He says heat pump technology offers great advantages and can be quickly implemented where desired. District heating is also not free and takes a long time to establish new places, though he acknowledges it brings benefits to some communities: Plans to develop community Heat and Power must consider the climate emergency.

For background, Danes were obliged to have their homes connected to district heating where it exists, until 1 January 2019.


En sand Molbohistorie at ville forbyde klima- og miljøvenlige varmepumper og i stedet kræve pligt til fjernvarme (A true Molbo story to want to ban climate- and environmentally-friendly heat pumps and instead demand a duty for district heating), Ritzau / Varmepumpeindustrien i Danmark, 2022-01-26

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EWII website
Danish Heat Pump Industry website

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