Danish Vegan Campaign Song is a hit

Almost half of Danes prioritize eating climate-friendly on a daily basis. However, only every 10th consumer focuses daily on eating less meat and choosing legumes and fish, according to figures from the research institute Epinion.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration are on the offensive; highlighting government dietary guidelines with the campaign song: ‘What the fuck is a legume?’

The social media hit aims to encourage shifting from meat to chickpeas and beans for the benefit of both health and climate.

‘If the Danes are to eat both healthier and more climate-friendly, then we must have both consumers and those in the professional kitchens on board. We can improve health and lower the climate footprint if more people eat according to the official Dietary Guidelines’, says Head of Unit in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Anne Pøhl Enevoldsen. ‘We can see that we can raise awareness of the dietary guidelines when we communicate actively, and that awareness declines if we do not follow up. That is why we go out to both consumers and canteens, kitchens and classrooms and remind them of the official Dietary Advice, and among other things try to explain what a legume actually is’.

The campaign song was made by four communication students from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, as part of an exam project.

Find the song on YouTube.

The campaign song is available on all streaming services and on the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s YouTube channel here: and is supported by a diet council campaign on social media, just as several partners in the Food Partnership for Health and Climate support the song and the campaign.

Dietary advice for Meals in day care institutions, schools and canteens, launched on 27 January at 14.00. Stay tuned at http://www.altomkost.dk.

Link to the song on Spotify, Tidal, deezer, YouSee and others.


Ritzau / The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, 2022.1.24

External links

YouTube link: What the fuck is a legume

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration: http://www.foedevarestyrelsen.dk/

The Official Dietary Advice – Good for Health and Climate: altomkost.dk

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