A free tree for every Welsh household

Following their review1, the Welsh government will offer every household in Wales a free tree to plant, both to take action against carbon emissions as well as to create a personal connection with the climate crisis.

Lee Waters, the Welsh deputy minister for climate change, elaborated; “Trees are amazing; they save lives by keeping our air clean, they improve people’s physical and mental health, they are essential for tackling our nature emergency, improving biodiversity and, of course, in tackling climate change.”

The trees can be collected from regional community hubs, which will expand in number from 5 to 20. Welsh residents who don’t have their own space to plant a tree can have a tree planted on their behalf.

Thee project is supported by The Woodland Trust.


Free tree for every Welsh household in climate initiative, The Guardian, 2021-12-06


[1.] Trees and Timber Deep Dive, Welsh Government, 2021-07-13
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Mental health benefits of visiting UK Woodland’s estimated at £185 million, UK Government, 2021-12-04
The Woodland Trust in Wales

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