India-UK solar power supply initiaitive

British and Indian prime ministers, Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi, announced at COP26 a new partnership to develop international clean energy infrastructure.

“The Green Grids Initiative” to accelerate the construction of large solar power stations and windfarms in the best locations, linked together by continental-scale grids crossing national borders was first developed by the Climate Parliament, an international network of climate legislators. It will be implemented by the International Solar Alliance in partnership with the World Bank Group.

The Green Climate Fund, established to channel part of the US$100 billion a year pledged by rich countries in the climate negotiations, is leading a Finance working group.

The Climate Compatible Growth consortium of universities, which includes Cambridge, Imperial College, Oxford and University College London, will provide research support.

While the British and Indian governments pledge to drive the initiative, France and the USA will support the endeavour to build international solar power grids, with representatives to come from Africa, the Gulf, Latin America and Southeast Asia. The Africa Working Group is co-convened by the African Development Bank and the African Union, while the Asia-Pacific group is coordinated by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.


India and UK lauch first transnational network of solar power grids, Power Engineering International, 2021-11-03

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