US Government freer to join Paris Agreement and campaign on China

After Democrats in the United States regained their majority in the Senate, it is now much easier for President-elect Joe Biden to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as join EU allies in furthering transatlantic agreements on fighting climate change, which were ignored by outgoing President Donald Trump. The European Union is also hoping for Biden to support their pressure on China, the world’s biggest polluter, to commit to big cuts in their emissions, to further the fight against climate change. “The EU has been a lonely ranger on this [sic],” said former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres. But the US “continues to be the greatest economy and is the only one that can have the most impactful conversation with China, as well as with India.” But that would be impossible if Washington tried to rejoin the “adult table … without serious policy to cut its own emissions,” said Figueres.


‘Game on’ for Transatlantic Climate Efforts After Democrats Gain US Senate Control, Politico, 2021-01-07


Europe Enhances its Greenhouse Gas Goals

by Lukas Frisch Tonkinson.

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