Boost business with Boˆreal

Showcasing your sustainability stories and products on this website extends their online presence, which will be promoted with social media twice daily:

These social posts provide third-party content for you to share, breaking up your own social posts.

Marketing Services

1. Story article

Case Studies, Innovation, and other news

Send your story to be published on the site, and for one week featured under the news section, at the top of the homepage and promoted via social media (as above).

Backlink to your site included in article page.

Cost: £135 £90* or 0.002 BTC or 0.025 ETH*

2. Homepage feature

Ad placement on homepage under appropriate section (“Sustainable Living”, “Renewable Energy”, “Art” or “Travel”) linking either to an article on the site or straight to your website.


2 months; £225 £150* or 0.0034 BTC or 0.0425 ETH*
3 months; £450 £225* or 0.005 BTC or 0.0625 ETH*

*Special offer cost for orders placed before 28th October 2022, with additional benefit of 60-days payment terms instead of 30-days.

The above offerings are for companies innovating sustainable products and solutions. These communications blend into the website’s news articles, leveraging principles of native advertising rather than adding “noisy” unwelcome adverts to the reader’s experience. The website has no pop-ups; ads, cookie permissions, login or paywall.

3. Copy Editing

If you’d like help perfecting your text, Finalˆeyes is a risk-proof proofreading service: Only pay for the corrections and suggestions you choose to accept, at £5 each.

Articles for the Boˆreal website will be written in British English, but a version in American English can be supplied for customers’ own use, if requested.

4. Press distribution

Article sent to 175 press release contacts (mainly UK): £70

…So why use these services?
Because this scenario is all too familiar:

Boss: I’ve created this business, now where are my sales?
You: Well… the product isn’t finished yet…
Boss: The product is ready now – we need sales!
You: The website and marketing materials are still being developed
Boss: Ok, now the web-shop is working, with perfect product information, and even a press release ready to go right now! So who’s buying?
You: We don’t have a press or prospect email list, and so few followers on social media, we’d don’t want anyone to see our embarrassing profiles…

The boss will be running out of patience at this stage. She has invested time and money into building the company, its offering(s), a team and is paying salaries and overheads with no revenue. Start getting your offerings seen as soon as possible with the above service and social media, while you build your audiences (should you choose to invest time in doing so; it may well not even be a good look to be on Twitter or Facebook in 2023 – who knows?..)

A complete solution to bring your product to the English-speaking market

Perfect pitch

Proofreading with suggestions based on marketing principles to optimise your messaging


Showcase your story on a clean, contemporary website, increasing you own website’s Google PageRank


Up to 18 well-established social media profiles to proliferate your story or product offering

Let’s make an impact together.

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